Acting Class Meisner Technique-beginner

Course language: English

A course especially developed for the (amateur) actor that wants to push past their acting limits and explore an amazing theatrical world within themselves. Through Sanford Meisner’s technique you will experience a step by step guide how to become a more enriched actor.
Meisner developed this technique after working with
Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler at the Group Theatre and as head of the acting program at New York City's Neighbourhood Playhouse and continued its refinement for fifty years. The acting techniques Sanford Meisner developed are an inter-dependent series of training exercises that build on one another. You will learn the basics of the method in ten steps. The technique emphasizes "moment-to-moment" spontaneity through communication with other actors. In order to generate behaviour that is truthful within imagined, fictional circumstances. During our ten weeks we shall explore the outlines of the technique and get sucked into the inner depths of the exercises when needed. 


Tarief 1 (RUG-studenten) € 96,00
Tarief 2 (RUG-medewerkers, PhD's, Alumni en Hanzestudenten) € 110,00
Tarief 3 (overig) € 142,00

Acting Class-advanced

Start 12 mrt 2018
Duur 2 hrs / 10 weeks; Course presentation: June 2nd, 2018
Tijd ma 19:00–21:00
Docent Lina Oosterheert
Locatie Dramazaal
Munnekeholm 10
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