The Basics of Art Making

This Drawing and Painting Course is designed to familiarize the students with a wide range of materials and techniques while improving their understanding of the elements of design. From black and white to colour, from simple to more complex, this course will produce drawings and paintings and at the same time it will help them to discover their own style with fun assignments.  An overview of some of the works made in the art courses.


Tarief 1 (RUG-studenten // Hanze-studenten) € 116,00
Tarief 2 (RUG-medewerkers, PhD's, Alumni) € 134,00
Tarief 3 (overig) € 172,00

The Basics of Art Making

Start 23 Sep 2020
Duur 2 hours / 10 weeks
Tijd Wed 13:00–15:00
Docent Paraskevi Frasiola
Locatie Atelier
Munnekeholm 10
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