Commedia Dell'arte

Requirement: Basic command of the English language. For instructions please click here.

This is an energetic course exploring the full potential of our body as a ‘medium of expression’. Focusing on aspects of physical theatre and using the 16th-century Italian comic theatre Commedia Dell’Arte to develop fascinating narratives on stage, an excellent training tool to expand performers physical vocabulary.

This course is designed to build physical stamina, understanding of rhythm, spatial awareness and trust; and develop stage presence and spontaneity. Participants need not have any theatre experience to attend this course.

Do you enjoy creating funny stories with characters that get entangled in complicated plots? Are you entertained by roles like Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Steve Urkel (Family Matters), Dr. House and Ross & Rachel (Friends)? Then Commedia Dell'arte is something you would love! Come and dive into the very roots of modern comedy, immersing yourself into this Italian Renaissance acting form which marked an important turning point in the history of western theatre. (Did you know that with it, acting became an actual profession, allowing women on stage – for the first-time?) In this course you will become a part of a vibrant comic form and learn the nuances of developing stage presence with help of short comic scenes called Lazzi.  This collaborative theatre experience will give you a chance to explore different archetype characters and, most importantly, develop confidence and expression on stage.


Tarief 1 (RUG-studenten // Hanze-studenten) € 96,00
Tarief 2 (RUG-medewerkers, PhD's, Alumni) € 110,00
Tarief 3 (overig) € 142,00

Commedia Dell'arte

Start 17 Jan 2022
Duur 2 hrs / 10 weeks
Tijd Mon 19:00–21:00
Docent Sami Johnson
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