Flicks Film Festival

This week it's time for the Flicks Short Film Festival! Three days filled with short films from all over the world. A unique opportunity to watch beautiful and extraordinary films from every genre, presented and judged from the Usva theater. Do you want to know what to expect or find out who worked on this festival? Take a look in this program booklet: https://indd.adobe.com/view/4211233d-e7c1-48cf-b0ce-fb4d3c5dfb1c

Studio Usva

This is the very first episode of Studio Usva.

In this weekly program, Max and Nicky of Usva's studentboard, take you by the hand past art and culture in Groningen armed with mediocre expertise and a great deal of dumb humor.

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Usva closed

Due to the new Corona limitations and the lockdown Usva is closed until April 20st, 2021.

Unfortunately, we still cannot start with the courses yet since the lockdown has been extended. The expectation is that this will go on for a while and that we probably cannot start the courses before May 2021. This means that the planning for a third trimester will be canceled as well. We understand that this is very unfortunate, however, we cannot change it in any way. 

When we are allowed to open our doors again and restart the courses, we will come forward with a suiting plan for the remaining lessons, as soon as possible. When it turns out that there is no right way to provide you with the rest of the courses, you will receive the remaining course money back in your account. 

If you have decided that you prefer your money back now, we find this very understandable and you can send your name, address, place of residence, bank account details and the name of the concerning course to zwaantje.wieling@rug.nl.


Application for the 2nd trimester will not open for a while, however, the Drum lessons started again! You can follow the Drum lessons in Marco Diaz' coronaproof studio! Registration is still possible.

Find out if there are some free spots left via the course page


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15Apr Flicks Film Festival
16Apr Flicks Film Festival
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30Apr Usva Origami Workshop
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