Cardozo Awards

The winners of the Cardozo Awards of 2016 are announced! 

The best student actors, actresses and theatre companies, who made a remarkable presentation in the past theatre season, are awarded with a Cardozo Award, Usva’s Oscars.

Each year, student plays subsidised by Usva will be judged and awarded. Usva thinks student plays are important and with the Cardozo Awards Usva wants to thank the theatre groups for their effort and make them enthusiastic for the upcoming theatre season with a prestigious gala.

Full list of this year's nominees and winners (bold) of 2016's Cardozo awards:

Best actress
- Eva Vos (Het proces)
- Romy Krikke (Sweeney Todd)
- Femke Nagelhout (The Importance of Being Earnest)
- Pleun van Engelen (Beyond Therapy)

Best actor
- Martin Kroon (Het proces)
- Karl van Stiphout (Bang Bang You're Dead)
- Ivor van der Laan (Sweeney Todd)
- Samuel B. Stevens (The Importance of Being Earnest)

Best supporting role
- Joppe van der Zwan (The Importance of Being Earnest)
- Martijn van Dussen (Het proces)
- Gijs Vente (Festen)
- Julia Miedema (De Juf van de Czaar Peterstraat)

Best design
- Festen (GST)
- Het Proces (GST)
- Bang Bang You're Dead (A-way Theatre Productions)

Best director
- Jet Kragt (Het proces)
- Hesterliena Wolthuis (Bang Bang You're Dead)
- Jurgen van Tolie (Sweeney Todd)

Best play
- Het Proces (GST)
- Bang Bang You're Dead (A-way Theatre Productions)
- Sweeney Todd (Idiomotor)

Best promotion
- Bang Bang You're Dead (A-way Theatre Productions)
- Het Proces (GST)
- Festen (GST)
- The Importance of Being Earnest (GUTS)


Winners Cardozo Awards 2016
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