Mark Thursday the 20th of April 2017 on your calendar, because it's time for Nootuitgang 2017! Nootuitgang is a yearly singer-songwriter contest for students in Groningen. The five finalists - chosen by a professional jury - will perform their very own songs live and try as hard as they can to convince the jury that their song is indeed the best. Not only the jury needs to be convinced though, the audience can vote as well. 

Nootuitgang is organised by our Nootuitgang committee. They will try their best to make Nootuitgang 2017 a success! 

Do you want to compete in this years contest? Note the following conditions:
- You can sign up untill the first of march 2017.
- To compete in this singer songwriter contest you have to be a student of the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen or the Hanze Hogeschool. 
- Send an email to, with some general information about yourself and a movie of a self-written song. 
- Please send the email with the titel 'Nootuitgang 2017'
- After the deadline of the first of march, the Nootuitgang committe will select the participants. The selected participants will get roughly one moth to prepare two songs for the singer songwriter contest on the 20th of april.
- For more information or questions, you can always send an email to

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Aftermovie Nootuitgang 2016

Winner Nootuitgang 2016: Marieke en Hugo
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