Why advertise?

Cultural Student Centre Usva is the cultural organisation of the University of Groningen. Usva gives students the opportunity to get in touch with culture in many different ways and organises events throughout the city of Groningen. Moreover, Usva has its own building with a theatre and a gallery for exhibitions. Usva offers a wide variety of courses in disciplines such as fine arts, drama, dance, body and mind, music, film photo and design, and writing and speaking, which allows for hundreds of students to visit the Usva building every week. In addition, Usva supports other cultural student organisations with finances, facilities, and our knowledge of culture.

Usva is the meeting spot for students who want to be involved in arts and culture. Our theatre offers a stage for both students and upcoming artists and has seen various big names such as Guido Weijers, Jochem Myjer and Arjen Lubach.

In short, Usva:

·        Is the place for students to develop themselves

·        Has 1800 students participating in courses annually

·        Has more than 5000 visitors in the theatre annually

·        Is supported by dozens of active crew members annually

·        Reaches a wide audience with several successful events such as Flicks Filmfestival, O-SWAP and Next Student Talent


Advertising opportunities

Wij adverteren graag voor uw culturele vereniging of voor uw cultuur- of kunstgerelateerde activiteit. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een post op onze sociale media of uw poster of folder verspreid door het Usva gebouw.
In principe bieden wij geen mogelijkheden meer aan voor, bijvoorbeeld, een logo in onze cursusbrochure of op onze website. Usva staat echter altijd open om uw voorstel of andere manieren van sponsoring te bespreken. Onze marketingfunctie gaat graag met u in gesprek over de mogelijkheden. Neemt u gerust contact op via of bel 050 363 7515.

We are glad to advertise your cultural association or culture- or art related activity. We could, for example, post about your association or event on our social media or your poster or flyer can be spread through the Usva building. Generally we do not offer to put your logo, for example, on our website or course guide anymore. However, Usva is open to discuss your proposition or other ways of sponsoring. Our marketing coordinator is happy to talk about the possibilities with you. You are very welcome to contact us through email or by phone 050 363 7515

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