One-time Workshops

Are you part of a student board or a committee this year and would you like to boost your design skills? Usva offers InDesign workshops specifically for student boards and almanac committees. We offer these workshops at the beginning and at the end of each academic year but if you and your board or committee would like to follow an InDesign workshop at another time, we can definitely look at the possibilities together. Send an email to if you’re interested.

Usva offers a whole lot of different courses which have a multiple week program but did you know you can follow each course subject as a workshop as well? All the subjects you can choose from are listed below. So do you and a group of friends or colleagues want to follow a workshop in, for example, creative writing, improv comedy or tapdance? Send an email to for more information and the availability of the teacher in question. 

Body & Mind

Tai Chi    -    Machiel Gabor Welbergen

Hatha Yoga    -    Sasja Logtenberg

Mindfulness    -    Femke Lemstra

Poweryoga    -    Sasja Logtenberg

Relaxation Yoga & Meditation    -    Ayla Boonstoppel


Modern Dance    -    Odette Koster

Egyptian Belly Dance    -    Aina Scheerhoorn

Hiphop    -    Ilse Selvius

Jazz Dance    -    Odette Koster

Show Jazz    -    Ilse Selvius

Classical Ballet    -    Cily van Hameren

Modern Jazz    -    Odette Koster

Tap Dance    -    Ilse Selvius

Contemporary Dance    -    Maxime Landstra


Musical Choir    -    Daimis Alvarez Garrido

Composition and Music Production    -    Rik van den Heuvel

Group Singing Lessons    -    José Zwerink

Singing Solo Together    -    Wilfred Reneman

Allround Guitar*    -    Michiel Megens

*bring your own guitar

Visual Arts & Fashion

Modeling Abstract Sculptures     -    Cily van Hameren

Drawing & Painting     -    Ellis Veldstra

Model & Portrait Drawing and Painting     -    Marcel Duran

Nature Based Illustrations     -    Rianne van der Kamp

The Basics of Art Making    -    Paraskevi Frasiola

Sewing Techniques    -    Sandra de Leeuw

Oil Painting    -    Jannes Koetsier

Film, Photo & Design

Film Making    -    Roeland Dijksterhuis

Montage/Editing    -    Roeland Dijksterhuis 

Adobe InDesign    -    Vivienne Braselmann

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop    -    Vivienne Braselmann

Photography    -    Rutger Prins

Writing & Speaking

Public Speaking    -    Chandler Bullock

Creative Writing (NL&EN)    -    Corina Onderstijn


Acting (EN)    -    Lina Oosterheert

Acteren (NL)    -    Jorrit Boonstra

Improv Comedy    -    Kees de Vries & Thomas Mook

Acting Class Meisner    -    Lina Oosterheert

Costs per hour:

RUG/HBO Students: €55

MBO/Alumni/RUG staff: €75

Others: €85

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