Project grant

Every year Usva supports several cultural projects organised by students. Usva's project grant is intended for a group or committee that works towards an end product (for example a play or a concert)  in a relatively short period of time with its own budget.

Amount of the grant
The maximum amount that Usva grants for a project grant application is €450,- if the project takes place within the Usva-building, and €350,- if the project does not take place within the Usva-building.

Am I eligible?
There are some conditions the project and organisation have to meet to qualify for the project grant:

·         There is a defined set of activities, with a predetermined one-time target;
·         The project is related to art and culture;
·         The project focuses on students;
·         At least 50% of all those involved is studying at the University.

Some projects are excluded from granting, for example activities for commercial purposes. All conditions for grant awarding can be found in the grant regulations of Usva.

To apply
Applications are reviewed in four rounds each year. The application deadlines for project grants are before the 1st of January, the 1st of March, the 1st of June and the 1st of October.

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