What is the Usva gallery?
The Usva gallery can be found in the basement of the Usva building at the Munnekeholm. It is a great space to show art work. The surface area is 68 m². One wall has five niches for exposing art projects. The first niche is 2,4m wide and 2,5m high. The rest are 3m wide and 2,5m high. On the other side of the room are three little spaces, each one 5 m².

The building was originally a bank, and these spaces were used in the past to discuss banking business with clients in private. They now provide a very intimate place to show various kinds of art works. There is also a hallway leading these spaces with natural light from above which is 16m long and 3,2m wide.

Are you interested to expose in Usva? Please contact Bram Douwes,   

Alle rechten voorbehouden · 2015