The Usva-Crew!

To organise a great deal of our activities, Usva relies on committee members to help us! All activities are for and by students which helps to make us a true student organisation. Organising events, designing promotional material, creating movies and cooperate with cultural partners -- it's all possible at Usva!

There are also some great benefits you gain as a committee member at Usva! You can join certain events for free or with a discount, get a discount on drinks in the Usva-café and to top it off you get 50% off a course each trimester. 

Being part of the Usva-crew does not only save you a lot of money, but is most of all a lot of fun! You will have the opportunity to form a close bond with your committee members and go to a monthly crew-event specifically organized for the committees. Above all, being part of a committee is a good way to come into contact with others who are just as enthusiastic about everything Usva has to offer.

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