Flicks committee

In March 2017, the eighth edition of the annual event 'Flicks Film Festival' will take place. Flicks is the International Student Short Film Festival, shaped by Usva. This 3-day festival creates the opportunity for film students and film creators from all over the world to present their work to a broad audience.

Flicks is organised by the Flicks committee. This committee decides which short films will be nominated and which films eventually will be shown during the festival.

This year the Flicks committee consist of Eva Swaters, Yke van der Molen, Emma Bolhuis, Karlijn Vierveijzer, Viola Dijkman, Aline Masselink, Louise Mitton & Quention Jégo. Our coordinator External Events (Lisa Lekanne Dit Deprez) from the Executive Board coordinates this committee.

f.l.t.r.: Quention, Emma, Eva, Louise, Viola, Karlijn, Aline and Yke
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