The Usva Crew!

In order to be able to organise all our activities in the best way possible, we ask enthousiastic committee members to help us with this. Organising events, designing posters, making films, setting up collaborations with professional cultural partners: there is a lot to do at Usva! So take a look at all the committees!

For all the hard work you do as a committee member at Usva, there is of course something in return. At some events you can come in for free or at a discount, get a discount on drinks in the Usva café and get a 50% discount on one of Usva's courses every trimester.

That's not the only advantage for the Usva crew! Besides getting to know a lot of different people, there are also a lot of fun activities for the crew! This way, Usva thanks her crew for all their time and effort! In addition, it is also an interesting and fun addition to your CV.

For committeemembers we have a limited amount of KNAEK-ID's that give you a discount at certain restaurants and stores. You can pick these up at the office of the Student Board while supplies last.

On the right you will find a list of our committees. Simply click the picture to go to a page.

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