Join the Usva Crew!

Join the Usva Crew! Applications for a committee at Usva starting in September is NOW open. Choose Band, Cardozo, Charity, Workshop, Next Student Talent, Flicks, Quiz, Design, Usva TV, O-Swap, Photo or Festival. More information on each committee can you find here. Interested? Send an email with your CV and motivation to usva.sc@rug.nl before June 24th.
Tip: apply for multiple committees at the same time to improve your chances at a  place in our crew!

Usva Tote Bag Design Contest

Tote bags, superconvenient, insanely trendy and everyone has at least 30 of them lying around in their room or stuffed in their coat pockets, because: you can never have enough tote bags.How fun would it be if you can transport your mandarins and avocados from the market in a tote bag with your own design? Even beter: seeing someone else transport their weekly groceries in a tote bag with your design! Are you a top of the line designer (to be) or are you just a superartistic drawer: enter the Usva Tote bag Design Contest! Send your design before June 30 (as EPS file) to usva.sc@rug.nl Requirements are as follows:

- The final design will be one colour, this colour will be decided together with the designer.

- Usva keeps the right to make small adjustments.

- You're allowed to put your name. in small letters, in the design.

- Send the design file in .eps format.

Studio Usva

This is the very first episode of Studio Usva.

In this weekly program, Max and Nicky of Usva's studentboard, take you by the hand past art and culture in Groningen armed with mediocre expertise and a great deal of dumb humor.

Click here.


30Jun Lie Down & Listen
30Jun Lie Down & Listen
1Jul Henna Workshop
2Jul Culture Quiz
6Jul Jam Session
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