About Usva

Executive Board

Usva is run by students. Student administrators take a one year break from their studies to govern Usva. They make policy, organize activities, award grants to student projects and make sure Usva continues to be the main supplier of cultural activities by and for students in Groningen. Every student administrator has their own area of policy. 

Student BA Academische Pabo
Internal policies, external relations and Usva's network 
050 363 9075 
Present Monday to Friday

Dorinda van der Veen - Secretary

Student Research Master: Regional Studies
General correspondence and the committee policy
050 363 4659 
Present Monday to Friday

Kelly Pronk - Treasurer

Student MA History Today
Grant applications and course policies
050 363 4659
Present Monday to Friday

Jona ten Napel - Internal events

Student BA Architecture

Internal policy and events
050 363 9073  
Present Monday to Friday

Lisa Lekanne Dit Deprez - External events

Student BA Medicine
Artistic policy extern
050 363 7515 
Present Monday to Friday

Hannah de Boer - Marketing & Communication

Student BA Sociology  
Online/offline marketing and communication
050 363 7515
Present Monday to Friday

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