About Usva

Supervisory Board

Above the Executive Board, Usva has a Supervisory Board. At least half of the Supervisory Board consists of students. The Supervisory Board has an advisory role towards the Executive Board and is the highest body within the foundation.

The Supervisory Board and Executive Board meet 10 times a year to discuss policy issues. These meetings are also attended by a student administrator of CUOS.

The Supervisory Board for 2016-2017 is:
- Frank Hop (chairman)
- Arthur Constandse (member)
- Dennis Adriaans (member)
- Hanna Dons (member)
- Stijn Visch (student member)
- Sebastiaan van Leunen (student member)
- Anna von Gleich (student member)
- Melcher Frankema (student member)
- Lisa Pereboom (student member)

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