About Usva

Complaint policy

Usva works hard to make sure activities and services are provided in the best way possible. Nevertheless, complaints happen. If you have a complaint about employees of the RUG (including all instructors of courses), please contact Marlou Berends via marlou.berends@rug.nl

Complaints about activities of Usva will first be handled by the Studentboard. If you have a complaint, please follow these steps:

1. Download a complaint form below or ask one at Usva's front desk. The form can be handed in at the front desk or send either by email via usva.sc@rug.nl or by regular mail. The addresses can be found on the form.

2.You will receive a formal notification regarding your complaint within 7 workdays. If necessary it will point out under whose supervision the complaint will be handled. In this notification Usva will also state a time-limit in which you may receive an answer to your complaint.

3. You will receive a reaction to your complaint by email or phone 4 weeks after the formal notification. Note: If you feel that your complaint has not been handled properly, or if you would like to appeal, you can do this by filling out the form Complaint Appeal form.

Complaint form

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