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Body and Mind

Ayla Boonstoppel

In everyday life (studying, cycling, working, cycling, cooking, cycling..) I tend to forget myself and my true feelings. Whereas in dance and yoga I find the time and space for those feelings. I might not always like what comes up, but it let's me find my energy and passion back. I find the combination dance and yoga especially great because yoga, amongst other things, enhances your strength, balance, concentration and body awareness. But yoga entails much more and can be a part of your life in many different ways. I went to India to learn more about yoga in an ashram. I found I actually like to teach! I would love to create a space now for others to experience the benefits of yoga, to be able to take the time for your own body and mind and feel happier with(in) yourself. 

Hilke Meerman

Hi, my name is Hilke and I am working as a Yoga teacher and as a Communication Advisor. At www.yoga050.nl I give people practical advice in the field of yoga and a healthy life style. In my view yoga is more than the exercises and meditation on your mat. Yoga means taking good care of your body and mind, at home as well as during study and even in the kitchen. By breathing techniques, postures and meditation you give yourself time to recharge your battery. My lessons are characterized by a good balance between effort and relaxation. Hoping to see you soon on the yoga mat!

José Dragtsma

With great pleasure I have been teaching Pilates at different locations in Groningen since the summer of 2014. I have started with the basic course for Pilates and after that I followed a number of specializations, including Power Pilates, Pilates Bodyshape (working with materials) and Pilates Advanced. During my intense and dynamic classes I pay extra attention to the performance of the exercises and I also think it's important that everyone is having fun and is challenged to get the most out of her/himself!

Wouter Tamminga

For as long as I can remember, I have had a considerable interest in the workings of the human brain
and body. Whilst writing my thesis for the Psychology study, I encountered the concept of
mindfulness. During that period I noticed that my mind was extremely busy throughout the entire
day; in essence I lived inside my brain. In the Mindfulness course, I learned the skills I needed to deal
with this, allowing me to live my life with far less stress than before.
After this course, I continued my interest in Mindfulness and I learned that exercising Mindfulness
can help with all sorts of issues, such as stress, anxiety, gloominess or burnout. I would like to help
people with preventing or dealing with these issues so that they can live in the here and now.

Ilse de Wit

Since 2003 Ilse de Wit is actively involved in yoga. First as a participant, but when she experienced the tranquility of the first lessons, she realized that yoga had become a very important role in her day to day life. She decided to become a yoga teacher because she wants to teach other people the effect yoga can have on your live.  

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