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Body and Mind

José Dragtsma

With great pleasure I have been teaching Pilates at different locations in Groningen since the summer of 2014. I have started with the basic course for Pilates and after that I followed a number of specializations, including Power Pilates, Pilates Bodyshape (working with materials) and Pilates Advanced. During my intense and dynamic classes I pay extra attention to the performance of the exercises and I also think it's important that everyone is having fun and is challenged to get the most out of her/himself!

Madelon Kroes

Hi, my name is Madelon and I will be teaching Hatha and Yin Yoga at Usva! In January 2016 I studied for Hatha Yoga teacher in India, at Arhanta Ashram. I learned a lot about yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing techniques and yoga poses. Yoga is a way of relaxing for me, and a way of maintaining a healthy body and it helps me coming into contact with my inner self. In this busy world, with lots of pressure to succeed, I often forget what I want and need. Through mediation and yoga I’m trying to discover what I truly want and who I am. I travelled to India once again in 2018, I stayed at the Ashram for a couple of months. I provided assistance and gave some lessons. Now that I’m back in the Netherlands I’d like to share my knowledge. Usva is the perfect location to do so, because I’ve also been a student board member here in 2014-2015. During that time I’ve discoverd what a great place Usva is. My lessons will be active as well as relaxing, and we will be serious as well as playful.

Sasja Logtenberg

Sasja Logtenberg (1978): friends and family call me also Sas, Sassie, Sassefas (prefers Sas). Native language: Dutch. Also speaks English, French und ein bischen German. My own challenges with my breath was the reason I first reached out to yoga at the age of twenty. I started out with breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation and Hatha yoga. Soon my passion for sports drew me towards the more active forms of yoga like Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga. After taking many classes and workshops.  I took part a 200 hrs teacher training with Anat Geiger, Marcel de Vis and Johan Noorloos and started her career as a yoga teacher. I continued my yogapath with a variety of teachers like Shauna Slingsby, Manju Jois, David Swenson, Simon Park, Shiva Rea, David Lurey and many more. I combine my classes with massage therapy: a relaxing deep tissue massage which combines elements from Ayurvedic, Swedish and Thai yoga massage. Through my classes I hope to inspire people and support them by bringing more awareness to the breath, body, mind and soul. My classes are flowing and powerful, creating meditation in movement by uniting breath and movement.

Wouter Tamminga

For as long as I can remember, I have had a considerable interest in the workings of the human brainand body. Whilst writing my thesis for the Psychology study, I encountered the concept of mindfulness. During that period I noticed that my mind was extremely busy throughout the entire day; in essence I lived inside my brain. In the Mindfulness course, I learned the skills I needed to deal with this, allowing me to live my life with far less stress than before. After this course, I continued my interest in Mindfulness and I learned that exercising Mindfulness can help with all sorts of issues, such as stress, anxiety, gloominess or burnout. I would like to help people with preventing or dealing with these issues so that they can live in the here and now.

Ilse de Wit

Since 2003 Ilse de Wit is actively involved in yoga. First as a participant, but when she experienced the tranquility of the first lessons, she realized that yoga had become a very important role in her day to day life. She decided to become a yoga teacher because she wants to teach other people the effect yoga can have on your live.  

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