About Usva


Aina Merethe Scheerhoorn

Aina is an experienced dance teacher, performer and choreographer. She has been passionate about the Egyptian Oriental Dance for more than 25 years. Through various teachers at home and abroad she has immersed herself in the Egyptian Belly dance. In 2009 she completed the two-year course 'International Teacher Training Course' by Prof. dr. Dr. Hassan Khalil at the ICODAC in Brussels. She also completed the five-year Vocal Dance and Voice Movement Integration course with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam. The expertise she gained there is the basis for her Somatic Belly Dance lessons, a combination of belly dance, FloorWork and ActiveBreath. Aina's approach helps the students to discover their personal strengths, to act freely within the rules of dance, and to develop their own style.


Odette Koster

In 2007 Odette Koster (1995) started her education at the Lucia Marthas Institute For Performing Arts.  In 2016 she graduated as a HBO Performing Dancer and as teacher dance. During school she has been dancing in several shows such as: the dinner show 'Brooklyn Nights'; the musical 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'; concert 'Toppers in Concert 2016' at the Amsterdam Arena. Besides loving to stand on the stage herself, Odette also loves to teach and convey her passion to her students. Odette wants her students to feel at ease and to work in a good atmosphere. That is very important for her.

Selmar Jurian

Selmar Jurian (1989) is graduated at the dance academy Lucia Marthas in Groningen. He is a performing dancer and a teacher. He loves very active and challenging lessons, in which technique and expression grow together. In his lessons he tries to use a lot of different styles of music in order to create a dynamic lesson. He challenges the students to learn as much movements as possible, but he also wants his lessons to have a good atmosphere so everybody has a lot of fun. He gives his students the opportunity to ask questions if they want this.

Maxime Landstra

Maxime Landstra (1990) graduated in the summer of 2014 at the Uitvoerende Dansacademie Artez te Arnhem. She has been a trainee at Club Guy & Roni. Currently Maxime works as a dance instructor at several dance schools.

Karolina Gaja Rupnik Caruso

Karolina Gaja Rupnik Caruso is a dancer, musician and theatre maker. She will be replacing Maxime Landstra in the 1st trimester of 2021-2022. Her base derives from years of martial training, classical piano and contemporary dance. After graduating from Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, she continued dancing in various collaborations as well as developing her own artistic and pedagogical work. Arriving in Groningen in the beginning of 2020 as a member of Poetic Disasters Club, a junior company of Club Guy and Roni, she fell in love with a guy and the city and decided to stay. Her approach is primarily focused on floor work, partnering and contact improvisation. In her classes she likes to explore the essentials of movement, such as breath, weight and touch, creating better habits and notions of right, wrong and beautiful. Most important of all, harbouring curiosity and playfulness towards dance. 

Cily van Hameren

Cily van Hameren graduated from the Dance Academy in Tilburg as a teacher of classical ballet in 1989. She has experience in several stage productions. When creating and rehearsing of the choreography she is inspired by her experience in working with Ferenç Novák and Michael Matthews. The approach of Cily is process oriented: it is not the end result but the way to get there that counts. The alternation of tension and relaxation is central to the lessons.

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