About Usva

Film Photo and Design

Dirk-Jan Buter

Even before there was Internet, Dirk Jan was developing software and he has a lot of programming hours on his credit. Digital technology allows him to create a flat screen into a fantasy world where you can decide to play your own game. Dirk Jan has his own software company and produces everything related to software. Besides being a computer addict and a 3D maniac, he is married and will be a father soon.

Roeland Dijksterhuis

Roeland Dijksterhuis is a movie maker and a teacher. He started making short movies at Usva. Since then he has worked as an independent movie maker and film teacher at TOFmedia as well. Roeland: "I am happy to return to Usva after a few years and I see it as a challenge to transfer my passion for the movie to new groups of students.

JohnPeter Elvering

JohnPeter Elverding (JP, 1957) is the grey wolf in the Indietopia world of Game developers. Smitten to "computers" during his study in 1976, designed his first mobile app (.exe) in 1989 and made a company out of it. 40 years later the’s still wandering and wondering around the ICT-scene, sometimes like a grumpy old man (Huh, we did something like that in 1992) and sometimes like an adolescent. Married since 1984, two daughters, both using their marketing and communication genes to the max.

Rutger Prins

Rutger is an autodidact photographer and graphic designer who has been working in the creative industry since 2005. His clients are often bands from all over the world who come to his studio to be portrayed by Rutger. He has been teaching photography since 2012 and his lessons are characterized by clear instructions, fun practical assignments and an open teaching style, allowing students to have an active role in deciding what and how they want to learn. Since 2014, Rutger has been active in the arts sector and he has exhibitions throughout The Netherlands.

For more information, visit his website.

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