About Usva

Fine Arts and Fashion

Cily van Hameren

Cily van Hameren graduated at Academie Minerva as visual artist. Making big wall paintings she makes rooms look warmer and more balanced. In 2010 she completed the visual arts studies at Stenden University. In her therapy practice Een Kleurrijk Palet she coaches clients to express thought and feelings you can not say with words. 


Dorine Kuiper

Dorine Kuiper (1959) studied painting and graphics at Academie Minerva Groningen. Her teachers were, amongst others, Piet Pijn and Matthijs Röling. She specialized herself in drawing and painting of still life and portraits. In the last decade she contributed e.g. to the portraits gallery of the University of Groningen. Dorine teaches at the Art Center in Groningen and at Usva. 


Ellis Veldstra

Ellis Veldstra graduated in 1993 at Academie Minerva. Her teacher was, amongst others, Matthijs Röling. After her graduation she traveled a lot through Asia and she uses this experience as a very important source of inspiration. She is focused on portrait painting.

Jannes Koetsier

Jannes Koetsier (1979) got his bachelor of fine art in education at the Academie Minerva Groningen in 2006. 

Jannes about his paintings: The joy of painting and the beauty of a blob of paint are visible in a succesfull painting. My inspriration for painting are light and color.Light can fall beautifully on a body or building, the shadow can have an exciting color. When the painting is successful, all factors are correct, the paint skin is good and the light is beautiful. Presentation and paint merge into a beating whole.


Kim Veenman

Kim Veenman is a biologist, animal illustrator and artist. For the Dutch magazine Buitenleven she illustrates realistic insects and writes biological facts with it. Besides that she paints realistic animal portraits in oilpaint, wherein the animal seems to step out of the painting. Kim thinks it's great fun to make others enthousiastic for the beauty of drawing and craft. And of course for nature. www.kimveenman.nl

Sandra de Leeuw

My name is Sandra de Leeuw and I’m a certified tailor.
My daily work consists of making bespoke clothing for my clients. This can mean making a wedding dress, professional dance attire, or a nice men’s blazer. Tailoring is a beautiful, old fashioned craft, where only two things really matter: beautiful materials, and how they are handled. Real beauty is in small things; hand made buttonholes on a jacket, a collar that fits just right, the length of a skirt that’s perfectly in proportin.
I love sharing my enthousiasm for everything to do with sewing. Teaching others the trics of the trade is something I love doing, because every single time, people are surprised by what they can achieve. It’s so much fun to wear a dress you made yourself to a party! I can help you to make it happen.


Alle rechten voorbehouden · 2015