About Usva

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The Usva is part of the department of Education & Students of the RUG. Usva works in close collaboration with the Student Board of Usva. Usva provides facilities and hospitality management, staff, finances, course policy, and administrative work. The Usva Board also developes all kinds of new initiatives and ideas.

The Usva office is made up of the following people:  

Delinah Halvorson-Molen
Head Usva 
d.halvorson-molen@rug.nl  050 36 39020

Bram Douwes
Theater programmer 
b.douwes@rug.nl  050 36 34672

Zwaantje Wieling
Course coordinator   / Room Rental Coordinator  
zwaantje.wieling@rug.nl  050 36 39179

Peter Schuilenberg
Building Manager  
p.schuilenberg@rug.nl   050 36 36801

Kees Sikkema
Assistant to the Building Manager
k.j.sikkema@rug.nl   050 36 37514  

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