About Usva

Student Board

Usva is run by its Student board. Together with their crew, the board organises several events throughout the year. For instance, Beer Yoga, the Flicks Filmfestival, Jam Sessions, Quiz Nights, Next Student Talent or the Workshop events. Additionally, they award grants to student project and create policy regarding Usva's events, courses, and crew. It's their mission to make sure Usva continues to be the main supplier of cultural activities by and for students in Groningen. 

Feel free to stop by at their office on the first floor of the Usva building. Every board member has their own areas of policy, for specific contact details please see the information below.

The Studentboard of Usva 2021/2022 consists of:

External relations and Usva's network 

usva.vz@rug.nl  050 36 39075  

Present Monday to Friday 

Nynke Blom - Treasurer/Vice-president

Grant applications and course policies
usva.pm@rug.nl  050 36 34676
Present Monday to Friday

Derk van Wageningen - Secretary & Intern

General correspondence and committee policy
usva.sc@rug.nl  050 36 34659

Present Monday to Friday 

Ashley Drogt  - Event Coordinator

Organizing of events

Present Monday to Friday 

Hannah de Nobel - Marketing & Design

Marketing, design and social media

usva.evenementen@rug.nl  050 36 37515

Present Monday to Friday

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