About Usva

About Usva

Student Culture Centre Usva is the cultural facility of the University of Groningen. Usva strives to encourage students to develop themselves in the arts and culture. Therefore, Usva provides an artistic platform in Groningen where students have the opportunity to discover and engage with the arts.  

Usva offers various courses in artistic disciplines, such as yoga, film, photography, improv comedy, dance, and drawing. Usva also organises a variety of events throughout the year that appeal to students. Usva organises, for example, Flicks Film Festival, a singer songwriter contest (Nootuitgang), clothing swap (O-Swap), mini festival (Usva at the Park) and a monthly Quiz Night. Moreover, Usva supports student organisations with their artistic projects by providing grants, facilities and practical knowledge. It is also possible for all students to rent rooms or our theatre.  

Usva is made possible by enthusiastic students in our Executive Board and numerous committees. Usva's Executive Board works full time in their spacious office on the first floor. They coordinate the committees that organise events. Being active within the Usva Crew is not only fun, it is also great for your CV. In return for their efforts, committee members receive a discount on events and courses.

- Is the place for students to develop themselves culturally and artistically
- Reaches more than 1800 students a year with its  courses
- Annually attracts more than 7000 visitors annually to its theatre

Usva has been the Student Culture Centre of the University of Groningen since 1969. Along with KEIGSp and ACLO, it is one of the four oldest sectors of the university. Later on, ESN was added as well. These five organizations are known as the student facilities of the RUG.  The foundation Usva formerly had the name USVA. This was an abbreviation for Universitaire Stichting Vormings Activiteiten. Now the full name is: Student Culture Centre Usva.  Usva also has its own theater.

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