About Usva


The Mediateam of Usva consists of enthusiastic members with a passion for photography and/or filmmaking. Together they produce all of the media that has to do with Usva. For example, photos and aftermovies of the various events and courses at Usva. They also get together to brainstorm about new, creative ideas and content. For 2017-2018 we are looking for new members!

Within the Mediateam, some will focus on photo and some on film. As a photographer, you will make and edit photos of as much Usva events as possible. If you prefer focusing on film, then you will work on the start of a brand new YouTube-channel for Usva. Here, videos will be uploaded regularly and you can decide what the videos will look like! Being part of the Mediateam can also be a nice opportunity to work on your portfolio. Experience with Adobe Première Pro/Photoshop is not needed, but is an advantage. 

You have until 10 September to send a short motivation and your CV to usva.sc@rug.nl to apply. If you need more information first, or still have some questions, you can also contact us through this email address. You will be invited for a short interview after the deadline has passed. 

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