About Usva

Nootuitgang committee

This committee is working on this annual event, ultimately looking for the student(s) that are in the running for the title of best singer-songwriter of Groningen. The committee organises the whole event, from the participants in the running for the title to the decorations. For the new edition of Nootuitgang, held in spring 2018, we are looking for new Nootuitgang committee members! So, do you have an interest in music and do you want to organise an event with fellow students? Don't hesitate and apply! For this committee you will approximately meet weekly and you will also be quite busy in the last weeks with organising the event.

You have until 10 September to send a short motivation and your CV to usva.sc@rug.nl to apply. If you need more information first, or still have some questions, you can also contact us through this email address. You will be invited for a short interview after the deadline has passed. 

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