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GMSG Bragi
Classical orchestra and choirs

CSG Gica

Classical student choir

GSO Mira

Classical student orchestra

Bathroom Scenario
Bathroom Scenario is a fun acapella student choir that sings a wide variety of music, from the Beatles to Disney music. Everybody who loves singing is very welcome at our choir! This mixed choir is open but tightly knit and we not only like to rehearse but also do fun activities together and have drinks after rehearsal. Several performances are organized during the year and at the end of the year (usually June/July) there will not only be singing but also acting in a self-written musical. It’s a party every year! Feel free to drop by our rehearsals and have a taste of the cozy atmosphere.

Popkoor Estrellas
Female student choir with variety of contemporary music types

Vals Alarm!
Student musical group

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