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Here you can find a list of some of the professional cultural organisations in Groningen. Did you know that students get often a discount on shows?

Theatre Company NNT
As of 2013, the NNT has been designated one of the four, major state-funded theatre companies in the Netherlands by the national Council for Culture. The NNT also acts as city theatre company for Groningen and is the in-house company of the city theatre Stadsschouwburg Groningen. The NNT performs in theatres, on location, in black box theatres and in its own venue, Theater de Machinefabriek in Groningen. The NNT stages some eight productions every year (including three major stage productions as of 2013), drawing 40,000 visitors annually. As a student, you get a 50% discount on shows of NNT.


Club Guy & Roni
Dynamic, daring, unpolished, but also touching and humorous. Club Guy & Roni is an international dance company, founded in 2002 in Groningen by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver. They create mysterious, musical and seductive dance performances, dealing with contemporary topics and reaching far beyond the genre of 'dance'.


NNTWEE is the youth community of the theater company Noord Nederlands Toneel (~North Netherlands Theater, NNT). It brings students and young adults together. To inspire each other, and the theater company NNT. By making short plays, organizing workshops, lectures, meetings with theater artists, et cetera. Of course it's a fun way of meeting new and creative people. Challenge yourself, challenge NNTWEE. Join us, NNTWEE Approved!  

Stadsschouwburg/de Oosterpoort

Stadsschouwburg and de Oosterpoort are a theatre and concerthall situated just outside of the city centre at Turfsingel 86 and Trompsingel 27. It is at these event halls that you can immerse yourself in cultural activities. De Oosterpoort and Stadsschouwburg offer a vast variety of national and international well-known shows. To give a few examples, it has hosted shows of Limp Bizkit, Gabriel Iglesias, Scapino-Ballet, The Göte­borg Opera Dance Company and much, much more of course. It is a place where you can come to enjoy great live music, dance performances, opera, comedy or any­thing else that fancies your taste. You can find our program at de-oosterpoort.nl or ssbg.nl.


Vera is thé center of underground Pop-Culture in Groningen, or as we'd like to say it: Club for the International Pop Underground. We used to be a decent student fraternity, and that's how we got our name Veri Et Recti Amici (true and sincere friends). Nowadays we're a fully equipped concert venue where legendary bands like: U2, Sonic Youth, Nirvana and The White Stripes played in their early years. Every week there are about 3 or 4 concerts, a movie night, a free downstage concert and a weekly dance-night. All of our activities couldn't take place without our volunteers. There are over 200 (!) at the moment. They work in a variety of groups like: bartending, artdivision, downstage, production and many more. Check the Vera website for more information.

Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is an iconic theatre for independent performing arts, situated on the central 'Grote Markt' in Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands. It's a place where artists show their work to audience, create new work in a curated environment and influence of the surrounding city is as big as the artists want it to be. A hosting and presenting theatre in the middle of the real world.

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