Facility Grant

The Usva facility grant is intended for groups needing space to rehearse, to have meetings, or for other purposes. You can apply for a  maximum of 30 dayparts. However, if a group already receives financial support from Usva, the maximum is 10 dayparts.

You can find more information about structural facility grants, such as the availability of office space for organisations, under the tab 'housing' and in the 'housing regulations'.  

Am I eligible?
The project must meet some general conditions in order to be eligible for the Usva facility grant:
·         there is a defined set of activities, with a predetermined single goal;
·         the activities concern art & culture;
·         at least 50% should be students

To Apply
Usva has several application deadlines for its facility grant. These deadlines, and the general conditions, are to be found in the Usva grant regulations document.

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