Studio Usva

This is the very first episode of Studio Usva.

In this weekly program, Max and Nicky of Usva's studentboard, take you by the hand past art and culture in Groningen armed with mediocre expertise and a great deal of dumb humor.

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Usva closed

Due to the new Corona limitations and the lockdown Usva is closed until May 26, 2021.

Usva has decided not to offer any new courses before the summer break. The remaining lessons of the courses from the 1st trimester are also no longer given. If we are allowed to open again on May 26, then we will look at what can still be offered, for example, workshops.

We will refund the course fee for the remaining lessons after we have received an email from you with your bank details, postal address, place of residence and the name of the course. In case of a foreign bank account also add the BIC Code and city of the bank. Please send your email to zwaantje.wieling@rug.nl.


Application for the 2nd trimester will not open for a while, however, the Drum lessons started again! You can follow the Drum lessons in Marco Diaz' coronaproof studio! Registration is still possible.

Find out if there are some free spots left via the course page


12May D&D Night
17May Next Student Talent
21May Culture Quiz
31May Photo Contest
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