From Tuesday 1 September onwards, we will be open again!

For more information about our corona policy, please visit www.usva.nl/en/corona-policy/ 

Join the Usva crew!

Have you felt robbed of your social student needs for months or are you a new student and do you feel super excited to jump head first into active student life? Usva’s got your back! We are in need for your enthusiastic creative minds so apply to one of these committees: Photo, Design, Flicks (filmfestival!), UsvaTV, Quiz, Workshop and Next Student Talent (talentshow!). For more information about these committees, click here.

Interested? Send a letter of motivation plus your resume to Usva.sc@rug.nl We will send out the invitations for interviews within two weeks after the deadline. These interviews will, of course, be held at a distance of 1,5 meters in the Usva building.

A good reason to join a committee would be to expand your resume, but above all we can promise you a year full of fun and socializing. Together with all the other committee members you  form the ‘’Usva crew’’. As a crew member you help making all our events possible. You will be working together with the board and as a crew-member you receive a 50% discount on all our courses. Besides, you will also be invited to our monthly Crew Nights and to our annual Crew Weekend, free of charge.

Don’t hesitate and join!

Course Sign-ups

From July 1st you can enroll for a new course! Curious what we have to offer? Check out our Course Guide here.

Disclaimer: The courses are subject to change. We are following the guidelines provided by the CvB of the UG and the RIVM. This means that a course might fill up rather quickly due to the restricted group sizes. We are using waiting lists so that possibly, when some restrictions are lifted, more people can partake in a course. So do sign up for the waiting list!


23Sep Fabian Franciscus (try-out) UITVERKOCHT
25Sep Het Groninger Theater Verbond
26Sep Het Groninger Theater Verbond
27Sep Het Groninger Theater Verbond
29Sep Just Dance Night
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