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The seventh edition of the iAfrica Film Festival (iAFF) will take place in Den Haag in October 2023. We are delighted to host a satellite version of the iAFF for the first time here in Groningen, on October 18th, 2023. This special event features a thoughtfully curated selection of inspiring feature films, documentaries, and short films, showcasing the vibrancy and urgency of contemporary African filmmaking. 

The iAFF serves as a platform to spotlight the immense global contributions of the African continent. Beyond its well-known role in providing raw materials, agricultural products, and natural resources, Africa is a prolific producer of cultural riches. The festival takes on the important task of challenging and expanding the prevailing narratives and imagery of Africa that often dominate the Global North. To achieve this, the iAFF offers an exclusive platform for authentic African stories, presented by African creators, both from the continent and its diaspora.


This year, our focus is on the dynamic region of West Africa. Our program features an enriching blend of a compelling documentary, a captivating feature film, two bonus short features, engaging Q&A sessions, and a delectable North African dinner experience.


To add to the excitement, we are thrilled to welcome festival co-founder Angélique Mbundu and acclaimed writer and journalist Babah Tarawally as our special guests to introduce the program.

Join us in Groningen for an evening that promises to be a celebration of African storytelling - as seen through African eyes. Be part of an enriching experience filled with inspiration, learning, and the opportunity to connect with the vibrant world of contemporary African culture and community.

The iAFF is organised by the Yangambi Foundation and hosted in Groningen by the University of Groningen. 

Location: Usva, Munnekeholm 10, Groningen
Date and time: Wednesday 18 October 2023, 4pm  - 11pm


16.00 doors open
16.30 - 18.45 welcome and introduction, screening Money, Freedom, the story of the CFA Franc plus bonus short film
18.45 - 20.00 Dinner* in Usva foyer
20.00 - 22.00 screening Tirailleurs – Father & Soldier, plus bonus short, and Q&A
22.00 - 22.45 drinks in Usva foyer

NB: YOU CAN ONLY BUY SINGLE FILM TICKETS ON THIS PAGE! This ticket is valid for one screening. Passepartout and Dinner tickets you can buy on other pages visible in the Calendar!

*There is a vegetarian option and a non vegetarian option


Money, Freedom, A Story of the CFA Franc

Documentary / directed by Lena Ndiaye / Senegal, France, Belgium, Germany / 2022 / 102 min / Spoken: French, Wolof / Subtitled: English

The former French colonies in Central and West Africa have been independent since 1960, but most of these countries still use the currency of the former oppressor: the CFA franc. It was linked to the French franc when it was introduced, so the national bank in Paris controlled monetary policy. Now the currency has a fixed exchange rate with the euro. The link with the European currency strongly influences the monetary policy of CFA countries. And that means the value of the CFA franc is defined by political decisions taken elsewhere, rather than by the domestic economy.

The film explores the history of this monetary colonization through interviews with key players and direct witnesses of the history of the CFA franc, supplemented by extensive archive material. This is alternated with dreamy shots of landscapes and historical objects, accompanied by the filmmaker, in voice-over, reflecting on the symbolism of monetary sovereignty. Since 2017, discussion of the French CFA has again been revived, thanks to a new generation that’s eager to move into the next phase of decolonization and emancipation.



Ruwenzori Source of Life

Short documentary / Aner Etxebarria / Uganda / 2022 / 18 min. Spoken: English / Subtitles: English 

In August 2022, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, king of the Tooro kingdom, climbs the Rwenzori mountain range in Uganda to advocate for climate action ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt. This cinematic film poetically shows his connection with the beautiful nature of this country.


Tirailleurs – Father & Soldier

Feature Film / Mathieu Vadepied / Cast: Omar Sy and Alassane Diong / 2023 / 100 min / Senegal, France / Spoken: Fulah, Wolof, French / Subtitles: English

A new drama feature film starring Omar Sy, Tirailleurs tells the story of an often forgotten part of the firs World War: the fate of the African men who were kidnapped and forced to fight for the West. The film opened the Un Certain Regard section in competition at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

1917, Senegal. The French army kidnaps young men and forces them to fight in the French army during the First World War. Bakary volunteers to go in search of his 17-year-old son, who has been forced to go to the front. Thierno, who is growing up quietly, is spotted by the army command and sent to the heart of the battle. Bakary, for his part, only wants to bring his son home safely.



Sumara Mare

Short documentary / Samira Vera-Cruz / Kaap Verdië /  8 min. / 2022 / Spoken: Creole / Subtitles: English

With a dance performance, a mother and daughter point out the destruction of the environment. They tell the audience how they survive by selling beach sand, knowing its negative impact on nature, their health and the economy.







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