Usva Live Support Showcase

On Thursday 30 May it is time for the Usva Live Support Showcase! Starting this year, Usva is working on Live Support, a development track for students performing on stage. Last few months four stage performers participated in the Live Support track, following workshops and learning from professionals.

These four amazing stage acts have grown during this period, and they will present their newly acquired skills during the second showcase on the 30th of May! Don't miss out, you can be there to witness it all! And maybe even discover your new favorite upcoming artists…


We're very proud to present to you, the Live Support acts of 2024:


Charlotte Hessels
Charlotte is a folk-indie singer-songwriter from Groningen. She loves sharing passions, thoughts and life lessons through music. With intriguing melodies and song-structure, she asks existential questions and hopes to share her love for people and nature. She started performing in local bars in Australia and since moving back to Groningen, has joined Usva's Live Support to kick start her career as an artist.

Henri van Wieren
Singer-songwriter Henri uses deep sensitivity and personal lyrics to bring light to the emotions of everyday life. His songs are a lively mix of catchy melodies and thought through lyrics, which he uses to take the listener on a trip through stories of love, loss and self-discovery. Inspired by artists like Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis, Henri embraces elements of indie-pop and soft pop. His repertoire consists mainly of immersive ballads and mid-tempo songs. 

Hannan van Rooij
Hannan is 22 years old, she’s a nurse, care ethicist and spoken word poetry artist. Previously, she was a member of Poetry Circle, Zwolle and Noordstaat Groningen. Her work is written and performed in Dutch. She wants to offer a new story on themes as care, heartaches and other daily things with raw and honest poetry. 

Asymmetry plays instrumental, progressive hard rock. Their goal is to make weird music that is listenable yet accessible for everyone. Hard rock is a very general term: all band members are inspired by different musical genres and therefore metal, soft rock and even funk and classical music are detectable in their songs. In 2022 the band released their first EP, In Character, with songs they wrote themselves. A second project is under construction, with new material which the band will undoubtedly play tonight. Recently a singer joined the band, who also plays a little bass guitar here and there. In other words: time for even more musical diversity!

Come to Usva on May 30th to witness all this amazing upcoming talent!

Doors open: 20.00 pm
Start event: 20.30 pm







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