Drawing and Painting

The aim of this course is to get acquainted with various drawing and painting materials, linked to various themes.



In the first few weeks we will work with 'dry' material, chalk, charcoal, pastel, and later the 'wet' variants, painting with ink and acrylics and mixed techniques. The topics will be diverse, e.g. landscape, model, portrait, interiors, still life and cityscapes. This course is for anyone who wants to paint, no prior knowledge required!


Intermediate: Requirement:

participation Drawing and Painting-beginners

In this course the techniques you've learned in the beginner course will be deepened. There is more room for personal interpretation and ideas but in the first half of the course variations on themes of the beginner group will return. Besides acrylic there will be extensive attention to oil painting.

Advanced: requirement:

a number of years of experience at the intermediate level, where knowledge of the various techniques is required. If in doubt, we can discuss your application with the teacher.

An overview of some of the works made in the courses: https://www.instagram.com/usvagallery_/?hl=en


This course is offered in English.









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